“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift

Written Work


Gregor Elgee is a visual storyteller whose expertise lies in commercial photography, written web content, and digital marketing.

Some of his more noteworthy adventures include trekking the Himalayas, canoeing through Kashmir, and interviewing Tibetan refugees in both Nepal and India.

Gregor currently resides in Seattle, where you can find him backpacking, snowboarding, and paddling the PNW when he's not messing with text or images.


I focus on telling your brand's story. Imagery and creative writing are my tools.

What I can do for you:

Capture studio quality imagery to distinguish your brand.

Create, plan and launch visual content for your next paid social media or google advertising campaign.

Produce stories, interviews, and press-releases, for your blog or website.

Schedule, distribute and analyze your content via social media.

Work with Me

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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