It is easy to find peace in far corners of the earth when you are free of responsibility and conveniently detached from the world around you. Yet even as a tourist, strife exists when you choose to look for it. In 2013 I traveled from China, to Nepal, to India, documenting the harsh life of the buddhist exodus out of the Autonomous Region of Tibet . With the help of Danish journalist Charlotte Maersk and Tibetan translator Tashi Delek, this photo story was created. With the intention of depicting the grittiness and resilience of those who have no place to call home, these photographs are a tribute to the refugees who continue to seek solitude around the world. Frames 5,6,7, and 8 are of former CIA trained Tibetan guerillas. You can learn more about their history by googling Chushi Gangdruk or "Four Rivers, Six Ranges".

"Eager Labor"


"Three Lives"

"Mother and Child"






"Clean the world" monument outside the Dalai Lama's temple - Dharamsala, India 

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