Stetson USA, Banner Advertisment

This was shot on location at Boeing Field in Seattle. The concept was presidential in nature. I wanted my shots to emphasize the authority a fedora could bring to a social scene while maintaining that laid back essence that they are known for.  We knew Bolaji could deliver a great John F. Kennedy pose and since Stetson, despite dominating the fedora market, lacked models of color, we thought we could offer them something a little different from prior campaigns. 

Social Ad, Oakley

Oakley, Social Media Advertisement

The concept for this shot was based on the idea of incorporating the Flight Deck line of Oakley Goggles with a fighter jet thematic element. With PhotoShop, this idea came to life, as the jets were masked into reflection of the goggles. This image was captured with a fresnel continuous video light as well as a 600ex Canon Speedlight

Gladton Goods, Eccomerce content

Gladton is relatively new to the pet accessories business but the quality of their product is unquestionable. I wanted to emphasize the strength of this harness.  A powerful, full grown Doberman can easily be restrained. 

Ecommerce Product Shots

Peace Love and Happiness Club, Social Media Content

This sun dress was one of the online retailers' hottest items of the summer in 2018. The images were captured with a Canon 5D Mark II and lit by a Profoto B1X strobe. The styling was provided by Kay Mathews Hair Salon. 

We wanted to make this product look sexy while also bringing attention to it's color and natural elements. Palm fronds definitely delivered as a backdrop. They added texture to the scene and jutted out toward the camera in ways that complemented Christarra's poses. 

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