This portrait was used as promotional material for Jay Kahlon’s “Jimmy Chu” music video for the 2018 release of his Indian pop album High End Nakhra.

Promotional, Jay Kahlon

Model: Vivian Tuong Huynh

Hair and styling: Roxanne Sprinkle

Jay Kahlon, a music video producer from India had 10 Seattle based photographers place a bid on his High End Nahkra production. Jay wanted BTS photography as well as staged, fashion focused images that could be used for digital advertising. Gregor Media made the cut! 

Photographed with a modeling light, this was shot for Madison Avenue Salon, a 25 year old salon in the Madison avenue neighborhood of Seattle. Owner Kay Matthews has had her work featured in Vogue, D-List, and Glamour

Digital Content, Madison Avenue Salon

Model: Christarra McKintyre

Hair and Styling: Kay Matthews

Madison Avenue Hair Salon was looking for imagery to use for both digital content and portfolio pieces that could be submitted to fashion publications. I put in a casting call for a models that I thought Madison Avenue could work well with for hair and styling and Christarra did not disappoint. We wanted to create imagery that brought attention to the hair in this shoot but also emphasized a smart and slick look in the model.  The concept developed into a black and white theme, utilizing harsh afternoon sunlight to create shadows on Christarra's face. The nail highlights were done in post.

Used in sequence with a series shots produced for a "how to" article on

Digital Content, Mylio 

Used in sequence with a series shots produced for a "how to" article on


Model: Richard Morris 

Mylio, a software company founded by Microsoft's former CTO, is a photo management tool that accesses and organizes your image archive across multiple devices. The editor of their online magazine, True Stories, tasked me to produce a how-to article with images on stylized portraiture. For this in-particular shot I used a Fresnel video light with a gel as well as a black lace gobo which projected the shadows you see on Richard's face.  

Promotional shot taken while location scouting for one of Jay Kahlon’s music video’s.

Social Media Content, Jay Kahlon

Models: Rene Hamlet and River Breann

More content for Jay Kahlon's production

Canon 580EX horseshoe flash and Westcott Octabox

Poster, Solo Media 

Model: Masha Zhandarmova 

This was a speculative ad eventually used by creative agency Solo Media as a promotional poster.

The shoot took place underneath a gantry crane at the Port of Seattle. It took several months to get TSA clearance to shoot here and the day of, the port's security basically gave me a thirty minute window to shoot. Because Masha, is a dancer, it made sense that to draw attention to her toned legs which contrasted nicely with the legs of the crane. 

Shot with a Sigma 14mm lens, 580EX Speedlight, and a Westcott Beauty Dish

A 007 themed photograph of Miss USA World

Promotional, Miss USA World

Model: Rene Hamlet 

I wanted to a capture an image that screamed 007 Rene, a model who had just earned the title of Miss USA.  My intention was to capture something you'd see in a movie theater on a Bond promo poster.  

This was shot at the Point Defiance Marina in Tacoma with a combination of natural and LED ice lights. 

These shots were taken to advertise a tie front romper for Peace Love and Happiness Club’s summer 2018 collection.  A Profoto B1x strobe and beauty dish were used.

Online Catalog, Peace Love and Happiness Club

Model: Christarra McKintyre

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